Second Life and Other Virtual Worlds

Woolston-Steen Exhibits for the Second Life Birthday Celebration (Summer 2019 and 2020)

Fighting Fire Chickens Campsites (Summer 2019 and 2020)


University of South Alabama’s Virtual Campus in Second Life

Jaguarland II closed its doors in May 2014. Between the two stints in Second Life, USA had a virtual campus for 4 years.

Teal Life Foundation


The Teal Life Foundation or TLF arrived on the Second Life grid in the autumn of 2013 (November).  TLF was a non-profit organization that strove to help women who were diagnosed with ovarian cancer get the support and care they needed.  The Second Life headquarters were located in the aetheric sector of Caledon Steam SkyCity.  After TLF was dissolved in 2016, the location in Second Life remained as “Crystal’s Teal Sanctuary,” a memorial for TLF’s founder and an area that visitors could come to relax and meditate, or learn more about ovarian cancer support and work of the American Cancer Society in Second Life. The location was closed in 2018.

Aether Education and Travel

Aether Education and Travel was open in Second Life in Caledon ( right behind the Welcome Center from 2011 to 2019) as well as on the Jaguarland Campus in the LoDa Classroom area (from 2012-2014, when the region was closed).
Both locations featured pictures from the many tours I conducted over the years as Oxbridge’s and Jaguarland’s “tour goddess” as well as tour notecards for visitors to take self-guided tours.  A survey was available for visitors to give feedback on their experiences with virtual tourism.
Aether at Jaguarland
Aether Education at Jaguarland
Aether Education in Caledon Prime
Aether Education in Caledon Prime

Blavatsky Memorial Library at Adocentyn

On May 1, 2009, the Blavatsky Memorial Library at Adocentyn Tower opened.
The library, nestled on the southern Caledon Wellsian coastline in Second Life, was home to the virtual Victorian Spiritualism collection for the Caledon Library.  As of April 2010, the Blavatsky collection housed over 275 aetheric full-text volumes on a multitude of topics related to Victorian spiritualism and the occult.
The original build was a modified TreeStone Tower by Carrah Rossini. It featured a private, meditation pyramid at it’s peak (accessible only through teleporter), an open reading room area with tables and seating, a large conference/classroom, a meditation pool, a shrub garden “maze,” and an underground labyrinth which connected via tunnels to surrounding regions.
As of December 2011, the library moved to Caledon Speirling–same stacks, smaller and spookier location.
H.P. Blavatsky Memorial Library at Adocentyn
(now moved to a smaller location in Speirling)
The Blavatsky Memorial Library “in the news”…
Blavatsky Memorial Library in Caledon Speirling
Blavatsky Memorial Library in Caledon Speirling

Titles and Roles

Second Life

A huge part of Second Life is the community building and collaborative learning experience.  Over the past 3 years, I’ve come to hold/earn several titles and roles with various responsibilities involved within multiple communities.

“Work” Titles–

  • Second Life Liaison, Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary
  • Estate Manager for Jaguarland, University of South Alabama
  • Global Estate Manager for the Independent State of Caledon
  • Caretaker for Teal Life Foundation in Second Life
  • Global Estate Manager for the Steampunk Nation of Steeltopia (currently off-grid)
  • Builder for EdTech Island (mainly for the 2012 SITE conference)

As part of being curatrix of inworld libraries–

  • Esquire d’Argent, Order of the Library Militant

Educational Outreach “fun” titles–

  • Oxbridge Professor
  • “Tour Goddess” for Oxbridge, Jaguarland, SITE 2012, VWBPE12
  • Producer of KBWM Radio–“Professor of BewmU”

Honorary Titles–

  • Duchess of Caledon Sound
  • Duchess of Caledon Speirling (Marquisse of East and West Speirling)
  • Duchess of Caledon Middlesea
  • Duchess of Caledon Wellsian
  • Miss Caledon (as part of the Relay for Life 2010 fundraising effort)
  • Caledon Regent (“peacekeeper” for the Caledon micro-nation)


Role play and storytelling positions–

  • Miss Kitty of the Caledon Catgirl Brigade
  • Captain of Intel (Teal Squad) Crimson Pirates


As part of the tour schedule during and immediately after the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference in 2012, I was thrilled to be introduced to the tight educational community within JokaydiaGrid and recently (as of April 2012), have begun working with some sims there.

“Work” Titles–

  • Estate Manager for Aether Isle
  • Estate Manager for Steeltopia

Educational Outreach “fun” titles–

  • Tour Goddess/Guide for Aether Education and Aether Isle

Role play and storytelling positions–

  • Architect and Preserver Defender of New Steeltopia

World of Warcraft

Educators’ Guilds–

  • Member (Associate Level) of Cognitive Dissonance–Alliance–Sisters of Ellune US server
  • Member of Inevitable Betrayal–Horde–Sisters of Ellune US server