Education and Training

Core work and electives–Interfaith Ministry

October 2017-April 2018; January 2019-October 2020

Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary

Online/Index, WA

Ph. D. in Instructional Design and Development   

August 2005-August 2015
Dissertation: “Emerging Best Practices in a Virtual World: A Comparative Case Study of Long-Standing Tutorial Centers in Second Life”

University of South Alabama

Mobile, AL

Doctorate-Level Coursework in English/Creative Writing (24 hours)      

August 2004 – May 2005

University of Southern Mississippi                         

Hattiesburg, MS

M.A. in English/Creative Writing  

August 2000 – August 2003

Thesis: “Cultivating a Dirt-Covered Koré: Evolution of a Southern Woman”

University of South Alabama                                                                                  

Mobile, AL

Graduate-Level Coursework in Art History (12+ hours)   

August1998 – May 1999

University of Mississippi                                                                                                 

Oxford, MS

B.F.A. in Theatre/Design and Tech 

August 1994 – May 1998

University of Mississippi                                                                                      

Oxford, MS

Core Curriculum Coursework  

August 1990-December 1991 & August 1992- May 1993

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College                                                         

Gulfport and Gautier, MS

Training Certificates/Badges

August 2022–Real-Life Time Management for Creatives–

November 2021–Color for Design and Art–LinkedIn Learning, Certificate Id: AaFrnNvp3r4m6tIhXWEAm9TncIaE

November 2021–Graphic Design Foundations: Typography–LinkedIn Learning, Certificate Id: AbCK5OxsIxI6KLk797X_7uBePCK9

October 2021–Graphic Design Foundations: Layout and
Composition–LinkedIn Learning, Certificate Id: Abp9C28D-Wm6OM1pjjms9uO8cGpl

October 2021–Introduction to Graphic Design: Concepts–LinkedIn Learning, Certificate Id: AUmcvTMDfGVFLjh95bvxD-LzK2jO

September 2021–Learning Excel Desktop (Office 365/Microsoft 365) (2018)–LinkedIn Learning, Certificate Id: AWmBTWdPGies9gUdkJCnZLG2p3Dz, Field of Study: Computer Software & Applications
Program: National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) | Registry ID: #140940
Certificate No: AcR9G4uttwEC1enfG1Zr8tV1a1pF
Continuing Professional Education Credit (CPE): 2.00

September 2021–Introduction to Gamification–Udemy

July 2021–Learning Word Desktop (Office 365/Microsoft 365)–LinkedIn Learning, Certificate Id: AfvJCAfQ7exwhPfL8GX_tGPL6jsl

July 2021–Office 365 New Features (Microsoft 365)–LinkedIn Learning, Certificate Id: AUd-wnfYwwCuv5IDwDWa321EwriB, Program: PMI® Registered Education Provider | Provider ID: #4101
Certificate No: AUd-wnfYwwCuv5IDwDWa321EwriB
PDUs/ContactHours: 0.75 | Activity #: 41011LGRM0

June 2021–Organizing Your Remote Office for Maximum Productivity–LinkedIn Learning, Certificate Id: ATPlRinTkfZn8VIPxaHe3D9gxWLO

January 2021–The Six Morning Habits of High Performers–LinkedIn Learning, Certificate Id: AXvdOeJrkEBFCt-4cc5qNVbW1D8M

June 2020–Become an Inclusive Leader Learning Path–LinkedIn Learning, Certificate Id: ASmi-ngGH1Ie1FoHNfPYGKtIcYir

June 2020–Managing a Diverse Team–LinkedIn Learning, Certificate Id: AXIv69Up5OsPLBoa7ni0m2tb6Uf8 ; Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM®) | Registry ID: #RP4455
Certificate No: AXIv69Up5OsPLBoa7ni0m2tb6Uf8
Professional Development Credits (PDCs): 1.25 | Activity #: 21-4HRXC ; Program: PMI® Registered Education Provider | Provider ID: #4101
Certificate No: AXIv69Up5OsPLBoa7ni0m2tb6Uf8
PDUs/ContactHours: 1.25 | Activity #: 100020003623 ; HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) | Provider ID: #604152
Certificate No: AXIv69Up5OsPLBoa7ni0m2tb6Uf8
Recertification Credits: 1.25 | Activity #: 511240

June 2020–Communicating about Culturally
Sensitive Issues–LinkedIn Learning, Certificate Id: Ac6Rt210P2sCbU3yq08eEoKKiWPs and Program: PMI® Registered Education Provider | Provider ID: #4101
Certificate No: Ac6Rt210P2sCbU3yq08eEoKKiWPs
PDUs/ContactHours: 0.75 | Activity #: 100020003767

June 2020–Confronting Bias: Thriving Across Our
Differences–LinkedIn Learning, Certificate Id: AeQC34psCVNBkPZQpdMvWjpQqPEm

May 2020–Diversity and Inclusion in a Global Enterprise–LinkedIn Learning, Certificate Id: Ado-JenZGx8xzPR6gaqDOcYqP_Z2

May 2020–John Maeda on Design, Business, and Inclusion–LinkedInLearning, Certificate Id: AZUHj9VSlM1YDPUtUi32-Y22S4nc and Project Management Institute, Provider ID: #4101
Certificate No: AZUHj9VSlM1YDPUtUi32-Y22S4nc
PDUs/ContactHours: 0.25 | Activity #: 100020003376

April 2020–Inclusive Leadership–LinkedIn Learning, Certificate Id: ARNdCclaTYFVpmaQJwnonl8e4SMB

March 2020–Elearning Essentials: Storyboarding–LinkedIn Learning, Certificate Id: AWPaCbHyDzNMBSRKF5-Ww9iyrWrl

January 2018–Powerless to Powerful: Taking Control–, License # 0C4CB8

January 2018–Leading with Emotional Intelligence–, License # A45A3D

January 2018–Building Trust–, License # 61677C

December 2017–Leading with Stories–, Certificate No: 71D5C70E66224D8BAF4023D2F31A708E

December 2017–Change Management Foundations–, Certificate No: 362B7313AF66416CAE79A7B1963B33DD

October 2017–WordPress Essentials–, Certificate No: 5E59AB519704425A988CD6CD1FD561E2

September 2017–Learning Kindle–, Certificate No: DDA3FAC69E644EEE84A8FC744735310D

September 2017–Digital Leadership–, Certificate No: F214CD63018746E58CF8EC0E065AC096, License # F214CD

August 2017–Creating Better Blog Content–, Certificate No: 1142199946084BD6BF7847055A8A9542

August 2017–Managing To-Do Lists–, Certificate No: 5110AA7DEC994562A37ED495B8EF33BB

August 2017–Windows 8 Essential Training–, Certificate No: 8768207402F64EAEAA70FE2E3DE8A19D

August 2017–Gmail Essential Training–, Certificate No.: 9D1586C3BCD04D109990D07AD74090AE

July 2017–Writerrific: Creativity Training for Writers–Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College via ed2go, Completion Certificate

June 2017–Social Media Marketing: Facebook and Twitter–, Certificate No: 0BEEFE2EFEF64FA2B5B28394D5FF0E6F

May 2017–Efficient Time Management–, Certificate No: 0F8BA9A8A0E7405D9DDA3317EB3D1A9E

May 2017–Agile Instructional Design–, Certificate No: BC037323550F408EA0B91A87F3F278D6

May 2017–Managing Your Time–, Certificate No: D5BA35BAF300460DAAB110ABAD3D70F7

May 2017–Overcoming Procrastination–, Certificate No: 69D35D5A85A64BBF855392F66755FE56

May 2017–Managing Stress–, Certificate No: 6AFFB08D3B6649BCA54461DF7F561174

May 2017–Completed the Becoming a Manager learning path–

May 2017–Developing Your Leadership Philosophy–, Certificate No: 9C94CBEAE25A4B85A9603263A912956D

April 2017–Executive Decision Making–, Certificate No: 999681A649724958B85F2A1208AC4D49

April 2017–Designing Growth Strategies–, Certificate No: 6B8B196B182E4589943A6979999D5D9C

April 2017–Finding and Retaining High Potentials–, Certificate No: A5399C09A6894C9B80AF1ED924C997B3

April 2017–Developing Executive Presence–, Certificate No: 2322F328CE7147BA9532C1A95CDC11EC

March 2017–Gantt Charts Explained–, Certificate No: 6FAC340ACABB46E2B7A7780CBB0DE55C

February 2017–Solving Common Project Problems–, Certificate No: CEC2EB9270AA4380A1577E2AEBA961FD

February 2017–Enhancing Your Productivity–, Certificate No: D7EE1682F6C14D2691777FCDB446ADC9

February 2017–Note-taking for Business Professionals–, License 2C8DAB

February 2017–Teamwork Fundamentals–, License 4EF81C

January 2017–Business Writing Fundamentals–, License 30685A

January 2017–Communication Fundamentals–, License 846054

January 2017–Managing Small Projects–, License CDF259

December 2016–Project Management Simplified–, License 17A290

November 2016–Becoming a Manager Learning Path completion–

November 2016–Rewarding Employees–, License 51AEC4

November 2016–Building Accountability in Your Culture–, License E63F18

November 2016–Performance Review Fundamentals–, License 06D13C

November 2016–Top 10 Apps for Increasing Productivity–, License 50E844

November 2016–Managing for Results–, License 3CBFA9

November 2016–Leading Productive Meetings–, License 65875C

October 2016–Delegating Tasks to Your Team–, License EF51B4

October 2016–Onboarding New Hires–, License 0E83A4

October 2016–Hiring Your Team–, License 54A474

September 2016–New Manager Fundamentals–, License FECD6C

September 2016–How to Increase Learner Engagement–, License CE872B

July 2016–Instructional Design Essentials: Models of ID–, License A46327

July 2016–The Neuroscience of Learning–, License 2BF927

July 2016–Storytelling for Business Video–, License 27ED31

July 2016–Time Management Fundamentals–, License 55AC52

June 2016–Leadership Fundamentals–, License D75A05

May 2016–Getting Things Done–, License B5DD06

May 2016–Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals–, License 6BD8C2

May 2016–Learning from Failure–, License A3DD0C

May 2016–Blended Learning Fundamentals–, License 8346F6

April 2016–Write Effective Learning Objectives–, License DA1BF3

April 2016–Digital Publishing Fundamentals–, License CE695B

April 2016–Project Management Fundamentals–, License 849DA0

April 2016–Time Management Fundamentals–, License 5765C6

April 2016–Business Etiquette: Phone, Email, and Text–, License B1E8B8

March 2016–Working Remotely–, License 3BCC39

February 2016–Outlook 2013 Essential Training–, License 67F964

January 2016–Articulate Storyline First Look–, License 460167

December 2015–Insights on Software Quality Engineering–, License FF8D7E

September 2015–Google Docs Essential Training–, License 8CB531

August 2015–SMART Board Essential Training–, License F9FF8A

August 2015–Up and Running with Evernote–, License 103F91

July 2015–Google Drive Essential Training (2013)–, License 1830E9

July 2015–Teacher Tips–, License 08D370