I’m an E-Learning Heroes Addict

Ever get the feeling that you just need a little “shot in the arm” or “refresher” to remind you of best practices?  If you’re an educational technologist or instructional designer working with creating eLearning (or a beginner at creating eLearning), if you haven’t bookmarked the eLearning Heroes community site (part of the Articulate parent site), you’re really missing out.

eLearning Heroes landing page
e-Learning Heroes Landing Page

Even if you don’t use Articulate products, the site also has downloadable templates for PowerPoint which can be converted by other eLearning programs. Win-win!

It also has a plethora of ebooks on subjects like best practices when it comes to eLearning creation, how to work with SMEs and stakeholders, and project management for eLearning. Most are short and to the point, so you won’t have to spend days staring at the screen (which, if you’re like me, you already do enough of!). In addition, you’ll find downloadable organizational sheets to aid in project management and communication. You could also spend all day catching up on articles and blog posts by people in the industry who are working “in the trenches” developing and offering their expertise on a wide range of eLearning topics.

And membership to the community is free. What’s not to love?

Check it out and you’ll soon see why I’m happy to be an eLearning Heroes Addict!

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