Capstone Project

Number Line Express Math Module


  • Context–This project started out as part of a Designing Online Instruction course but blossomed into an internship project.  The Deans at USA’s College of Education requested online, reusable and interactive training modules to be developed to help student teachers refresh their math skills so they would be better prepared for the testing they faced for certification.
  • Reflection–If I’m to be honest, I’ve made every conceivable mistake on this project.  The first attempt ended in a file corruption.  Following work on the project proved to be difficult.  I used snapshots from inside Second Life for the graphics.  This made the file extremely graphics heavy, making it difficult to load.  I also had issues with locations inside Second Life.  At first, I tried “renting” land from others but quickly found that by doing such, I gave up any control over continuity from one location shoot to another.  The “shooting set” ended up being placed high above Jaguarland, where I had some control over what was happening in the backgrounds.  Much like writing, this process will simply have a deadline, but could always be improved and tinkered upon.  Even with all of the missteps and mistakes, I’ve learned plenty from this project.  I am currently looking at a small program called Murku to do much of the same job I did with the heavy graphics in Captivate, but it creates a comic book style form that takes a lot less disk space.



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